Roleplaying and boardgames stuff, for the most part. By Jim Davies, an Englishman. And it's not my life's work.


Pathfinder and/or Dungeons and Dragons (3.5e)

Actually, I suggest you use Pathfinder instead of 3.5, and certainly instead of 4e. I can't comment much on 5e; opinions vary on that.
PF is not perfect, but it's very good and the support is first-rate. Though it has got bogged down in its own complexity. I was not impressed with the PF2 playtest, though it's not without some merits.

Star Fleet Battles

(What on earth is Star Fleet Battles?)
Star Fleet Battles Open Community. A place to talk about SFB without censorship, should that matter to you.

Other Rubbish

Orcs n 'Oles ... A DOS version of an RML380Z version of a PET version of a NASCOM-1 ripoff of D&D, with C source code!
Words ... Something to help teach my daughter to read. 45 common (or 106 slightly less common) English words that every child should know by the end of the first year of school.
Times Tables - yeah, basic maths. Now with division!
Metronome. For pianos and that.

My Favourite Webcomics

Order of the Stick ... The best gamer webcomic, until it started to drift into too much plot
Girl Genius ...probably the best webcomic of all, bar none. Astounding.
Sluggy Freelance ... Awesome. But it's been going for so long that it's incomprehensible unless you start at the beginning.
XKCD ... Unalloyed genius. Buy the book.
Questionable Content ... Ignore the music references, and it's brilliant. Nothing much questionable about it, btw. Start at the beginning.
Grrl Power ... Stupidly funny superheroics. Start at the beginning.
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal ... Philosophy, maths, economics, satire.
Jesus and Mo ... Incisive atheism.
Scandinavia and the World ... Anthropomorphic stereotypes. Occasionally a bit NSFW.
Oglaf ... Bizarre and/or pornographic. Very NSFW, often very funny.

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