Hey look, it's another website. This one belongs to Jim Davies, an Englishman. And it's not my life's work.

It's not a blog or a wiki. There are no Flash animations, no music, no RSS feed, no fancy graphics (partly because I'm a lousy artist) and no frames. No CGI, ASP, DHTML, PHP, XML or Java, and definitely no ActiveX. Deal with it.
There's no warez, pr0n, spyware, malware, nagware, adverts, spam or other crap either.


You'll spot from this that I'm a gamer, in the old-fashioned sense. Pencil, paper, dice, maps and human opponents.

Dungeons and Dragons (3.5e)

Actually, I suggest you use Pathfinder instead of 3.5, and certainly instead of 4e. It's not perfect, but it's very good and the support is first-rate. Expect some improvements here soon.

Star Fleet Battles

(What on earth is Star Fleet Battles?)
Star Fleet Battles Open Community. A place to talk about SFB without censorship, should that matter to you.

Other Rubbish

Orcs n 'Oles ... A DOS version of an RML380Z version of a PET version of a NASCOM-1 ripoff of D&D, with C source code!

My Favourite Webcomics

Order of the Stick ... The best gamer webcomic ever
Girl Genius ...probably the best webcomic of all, bar none. Astounding.
Sluggy Freelance ... Awesome. But it's been going for so long that it's incomprehensible unless you start at the beginning.
XKCD ... I love this. True gems.
Questionable Content ... Ignore the music references, and it's brilliant. Nothing much questionable about it, btw. Start at the beginning.

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