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War Corvettes

A proposal

War Corvettes were invented at the end of the General War, as the final evolution of the attrition ship.

For rules and discussion, see the ADB SFB BBS. This page just lists the ships. I've now posted them all on the basis that publication is unlikely, at least before some revisions.

I haven't playtested them all (or any of them much) so the BPVs are a guess. Some will be better, some worse. MSC, etc, to follow eventually.


3 prototypes were built in Y185 and trialled but not accepted by Star Fleet for ethical, tactical and strategic reasons. They were sold to an outlying planet where they repelled pirates in Y186 and Andromedans in Y187. This resulted in a great deal of advertising. As a result, more were sold to other planets Y189-193 until Star Fleet grudgingly accepted their value.
The saucer is separable.
Plus refit Y190

Klingon G7

The first prototype (the first War Corvette of any empire) was built in Y182. Boom is not separable.
K refit Y187

Romulan Raven

Prototype Y183
Plasma Refit Y189


The original design plan (prototype Y184) relied on the ship using its large battery reserves and high power output to charge the target under ECM and tractor it for destruction by drones. As it turned out, the corvette was too small to manage this with any reliability (and it was an absurd undertaking against an Andromedan), yet it lacked the long-range firepower and drone reserves for a battle at range. Both these problems were corrected in the + refit of Y189

Gorn Velociraptor

2 balcony positions. Shuttles not transferable. Two deck crews.
Shield refit

Orion Thug

No refit


Built in a PC hull. Quite common, as the territory was so small.
Snare refit (RA)

Hydran Visigoth and Ostrogoth

In common with their usual fleet doctrine, the Hydrans created two variants
Phaser refit

Lyran Polecat

Phaser refit


No refit

WYN Piranha

The WYN found the War Corvette concept ideal for replacing their worn-out auxiliary cruisers and kitbashed frigates. It is not believed that any were used in the War of Return.

LDR Polecat

Identical to the Lyran version until the phaser refit.


No refit. They wouldn't have thought of it and were killed off by the Klingons before the opportunity arose. Two deck crews.


No refit. Jindarians don’t do refits.


Phaser Refit

Paravian Reality Kobold

If it loses a side engine, it loses Nimble status and turn mode the other way becomes B
Refit: QWT arcs become FP


1 balcony position L
No refit

Carnivon Reality Terrier

This is entirely speculative, as no rules for modernised Carnivons have been published.
DC: hold for 1. Overload: arm 2+4, no hold.
HN: same effect, better range than EY
Death Bolts are speed 32 by this time (warhead?)


No refit

Frax Sub

No refit


No refit

Thousand Wandering Tribes

No refit

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