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Let me tell you a story.
In 1980, I saw a copy of Computing Today in a dentist's waiting room. Having just discovered computers, I pinched it. Within was a NASCOM BASIC listing of a game called "Cells and Serpents", an extremely crude text-mode dungeon hack. I refactored this for my Commodore PET and was hooked.
I bashed a version I called "Werewolves and Wizardry" into the [boarding] school computer, and someone saw me playing it. He mentioned a guy [Philip Holland, if you're out there] who played "Dungeons and Dragons", which confused me somewhat because I'd never imagined playing such a thing without a computer.
My first game of D&D was as a 1st-level MU accompanying a 1st-level bard into Module B1. It was a mixture of blue-book Basic Set and 1e AD&D, and utterly bizarre in retrospect. After buying all the usual gear, I had 190cp left. So I bought 190 songbirds and led them around the dungeon. I shot my one Magic Missile into a red dragon, achieving not much, so we left. The bard got bitten by a giant spider so I carted him around on a Tenser's Floating Disk. Somewhere I picked up a vorpal sword and used it to carve channels in the ground to empty pools of acid. Or something. It was a long time ago. But I loved it.
And I've been playing RPGs (on and off) ever since.

So here, by almost popular demand, is the latest (ie, 1994) Turbo C++ port for DOS of that epic game, called Orcs n 'Oles.

The zipped executable, inc source code and brief instructions: Download (37KB)

It's simple C with few bells or whistles, so you can probably run it without much modification on any C compiler. I think the only thing that might need changing is the use of conio.h. Substitute stdio.h and you won't go far wrong. funky.h is the DOS function key codes, which may or may not be useful.
Incidentally, Turbo C++ used to be free from those nice people at Borland, but no longer. You now get offered an entry version of C++Builder. I guess it'll do OK.
Copyright-wise, it's open-source freeware. Leave my name on it somewhere but otherwise do as you want with it.

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