Level 0 Domain Spells

For Pathfinder

It's always seemed a bit odd to me that there are no level 0 Domain spells. So here are some suggestions.
Some domains lend themselves to one or more existing spells: pick the one you see as most appropriate. Others have none whatsoever, so I dreamt them up...
Subdomains have the same spell as their base domain unless otherwise stated.

Domain Spell
Air Breeze
Create Air
- Cloud Foggy Breath
Animal Beast Whisper
Artifice Mending
Chaos Daze
Charm Unwitting Ally
Community Message
Darkness Penumbra
Death Touch of Fatigue
Destruction Bleed
Earth Root
Evil Minor Curse
Fire Spark
Finger Flame
Ray of Fire
Glory Disrupt Undead
Good Virtue
Healing Stabilise
Knowledge Know Direction
Law Relax
- Slavery Brand
- Tyranny Weaken Resolve
Liberation Resistance
Luck Guidance
Madness Unwitting Ally
Nightmare Lullaby
Magic Read Magic
Nobility Enhanced Diplomacy
Plant Purify Food and Drink?
- Decay Putrefy Food and Drink?
Protection Resistance
Repose Disrupt Undead
Rune Arcane Mark
Scalykind Detect Poison
Strength Heave
Sun Flare
Dancing Lights
Travel Know Direction
Trickery Ghost Sound
- Thievery Mage Hand
Void ?????????????
- Stars Dancing Lights
War Holy Blow
Water Drench
Acid Orb
Create Water
Find Water
- Ice Ray of Frost
Weather Breeze
Foggy Breath

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