The Hecatean

A character class for Pathfinder

The Hecatean is a classic evil priest. He doesn't clank around in black spiky plate mail swinging a mace and blasting the PCs with unholy fury, but skulks in ancient temples, searching out long-forgotten secrets, whispering words of corruption and treachery, and sacrificing virgins to the Things Man Was Not Meant To Know. If forced to fight, he uses fear, darkness and legions of undead.

Adventures: Hecateans adventure only if there is no other way to find the ancient lore they seek. Otherwise, they lurk hidden in their own dark crypts or subtly scheming behind the thrones of greater powers.

Characteristics: Whilst weak fighters, Hecateans are powerful divine spellcasters and skilled in the arts of subtlety and deceit.

Alignment: Hecateans are steeped in the darkest of sin. Whilst some may be chaotic and others lawful, their true nature is always pure unmitigated wickedness. Like clerics, a Hecatean may be one step away from his deity, but he will always be evil.

Religion: A Hecatean might worship one of many evil gods, though usually those more subtle in their workings. On occasion, a rare Hecatean might serve a Neutral deity. [In Golarion, Asmodeus, Norgorber, Zon-kuthon and Nethys are most probable.]

Background: Some Hecateans are members of organised religions or smaller sects, while others are lone wolves seeking personal power at the expense of all others. They are often feared and mistrusted, even by other priests and clerics of the same religion.

Races: Most Hecateans are human. Elves aren't suited to this, though Drow might be. Half-elves cast out of their community may find sanctuary in the relative anonymity of a Hecatean cult. Half-orcs are usually too brutal and physical, but some of the weaker, more spiteful might be drawn to the dark path.

Other classes: Hecateans are only too willing to use fighters and clerics as armoured muscle, and arcane spellcasters as firepower, while they work behind the scenes with the rogues. Paladins are antithetical to Hecateans, and druids are usually irrelevant to the Hecatean's aims.

Game Rule Information

Hecateans have the following game statistics:

Abilities: Wisdom is the Hecatean's primary requirement, a fundamental part of his spellcasting. A good Dexterity allows him stealth, while Charisma gives him better control over others, both living and undead.

Alignment: Any evil. The Hecatean's deity may occasionally be neutral, but the priest himself is as evil as a tomb is dark.

Hit Dice: d8

Combat: Base Attack Bonus as a wizard (+L/2, rounded down).
Saving Throws: Will and Reflex are good (+2+L/2, down), Fortitude bad (L/3, down).

Class Skills

The Hecatean's class skills are: Appraise, Bluff, Craft, Diplomacy, Disguise, Intimidate, Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (history), Knowledge (religion), Linguistics, Profession, Sense Motive, Spellcraft and Stealth.

Skill points: 6+Int modifier

Class Features

Armour and Weapon Proficiency: A Hecatean is proficient with all simple weapons, and his god's favoured weapon. He is not proficient in armour, but has no other restrictions from using it.

Spells: A Hecatean gains divine spells and orisons as though he were a cleric. Being evil, he cannot cast Good spells, nor can he cast spells of an alignment opposed to his deity's.

Domains: A Hecatean chooses two of his deity's domains as his own, gaining the same spells and special abilities as a cleric.

Spontaneous Casting: Like an evil cleric, a Hecatean can substitute an Inflict Wounds spell for a normal spell of any level. Alternatively, he can substitute the Evil domain spell of the same level (whether or not he has Evil as a domain).

Channel Energy: A Hecatean can Channel Energy as an evil cleric of the same level.

Bonus Languages: A Hecatean can learn Abyssal, Infernal or Draconic.

Special Abilities

Sneak Attack: A Hecatean gains the Sneak Attack (+1d6) ability at 2nd level, adding 1d6 damage per 3 levels (+2d6 at 5th, +3d6 at 8th, etc). This extra damage is cumulative with that given for any levels in other classes.

Voice of Fear: (Ex) At 3rd level, a Hecatean's mere voice can instill fear in lesser mortals. This ability can be used once per day per point of Charisma bonus, and has a range of 60' (or hearing range, whichever is less). The priest pronounces words of doom, scorn and threat (a move-equivalent action), whereupon any sentient living being hearing them must make a Will save against a DC of (10+Hecatean's Level/2+Cha Bonus) or be Shaken. Those of fewer HD than the priest that fail the save will be Frightened, or Panicked if they fail by more than 10.

Fiendish Servant: At 4th level, a Hecatean may call for a Fiendish Servant, which operates exactly as that for an Antipaladin's Fiendish Boon (APG), treating the Hecatean as one level higher. Antipaladin levels stack with Hecatean levels for this purpose.

Low-Light Vision: (Ex) At 6th level, a Hecatean gains Low-Light Vision, allowing him to see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light. If he possesses Low-Light Vision anyway, the range increases to three times normal.

Voice of Suggestion: (Sp) At 8th level, a Hecatean's words can twist even strong minds against their better judgement. This mimics the Suggestion spell, with a DC of (10+Hecatean's Level/2+Cha Bonus), and can be used once per day per point of Charisma bonus as a free action.

Cloak of Darkness: (Su) At 10th level, a Hecatean can call down the very shadows to shroud him in darkness. This affords him a concealment bonus (20% miss chance) against missile fire, and a +4 circumstance bonus to Hide. This ability is usable at will as a free action.

Darkvision: (Ex) At 12th level, a Hecatean gains Darkvision to 60' range, or increases existing Darkvision by 60'.

Cloak of Fear: (Ex) At 14th level, a Hecatean's very presence instills fear, should he will it. Every living being within 10' must make a Will save against a DC of (Hecatean's Level/2+Cha Bonus) or be Shaken, or Frightened if they fail the save by more than 10. This ability is usable at will as a free action. A creature that makes its save is immune to this effect for 24 hours.

Shield of Darkness: (Su) At 16th level, the Cloak of Darkness becomes palpable. It gives the Hecatean a Profane bonus to his AC equal to his Charisma modifier.

Voice of Damnation: (Sp) At 18th level, a Hecatean can curse his enemies. All foes within hearing (max 60') are affected as by the Bestow Curse spell (Will save negates, DC 10+Hecatean's Level/2+Cha Bonus). This can be done a number of times per day equal to the 3 plus the Hecatean's Charisma bonus.

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