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Federation Dreadnought Command Cruiser

A conjectural command cruiser based on a DNG saucer. This might be built in an emergency if a DNG saucer were available but not the money or yard space to build a full DN. It keeps the DN's full command rating of 10 but is otherwise unexceptional. It's intended to lead large fleets of CWs, DWs and other middle-ranking craft.

Federation Destroyer Monitor

In a fleet battle, the aging Fed DD+ Nestor attempted an HET, and broke down. It dropped its warp engine, evaded by sublight and was retrieved after the battle. It was towed to a starbase, where the engineers found that the mounts for the warp engine were bent beyond repair. However, it had little other damage. Star Fleet were desperate for hulls, so hard-welded the rear section of a large freighter to it, increased its power and assigned it as a monitor on the hard-fought Klingon border.

Federation Police Escort

An obvious variant. The Federation had a huge number of Police Cutters and a huge number of carriers. At the height of the Klingon and Romulan invasions, Federation space had shrunk so much that some Police ships, no longer needed for police duties, were pressed into service as carrier escorts with minor modifications. They were found too small and fragile for serious combat, so in Y175 the surviving ships were given a shield refit along with full Aegis.
The cargo boxes can be used to carry spare fighters or drone reloads.
Available Y173.

Romulan Imperial Eagle

Proposed by James B Pennington, drawn by me.
A failed attempt by the Romulans to make a CA using a new hull of the old Warbird shape. The move cost came out too high.

Hydran Amazon Light Cruiser

Proposed by James B Pennington, drawn by me.
A CL consort for the Ranger. It was little more effective than a Lancer and rather more expensive, so only one (or maybe three) was built.
Available Y134.
This is v2 for consideration.

Hydran Centaur Light Cruiser

Proposed by James B Pennington, drawn by me.
The Hellbore version of the Amazon. Available Y158.

Hydran Hoplite Light Cruiser

An alternative design path. When the Ranger, Lancer and Hunter ships first appeared, there were many Hydran admirals who didn't see much future in fighters. So two or three Hoplites were built on a shortened Ranger hull with full armament but no fighters.
It was moderately successful but lacked the flexibility of the hybrid carriers. When the first was lost in combat against the Klingons in Y136, a decision was made to focus on hybrid carriers.
Available Y134.

Paravian Tournament Command Cruiser (CL28)

A proposal, for playtest. This is based on the conjectural Paravians from CL28
If it loses either side warp engine, its turn mode in the opposite direction becomes 'D'. Otherwise, see CL28.

Paravian Tournament Command Cruiser (C6)

A proposal, for playtest. This is based on the alternate universe Paravians from C6

Ship  G9.0  D7.0  S2.1  C6.5  C2.12 J1.42 R0.6  C3.3      Year C13.3 D5.2 F&E   Notes 
Type  Crew  Brdg  BPV   Break Move  Spare Size  Turn Rule  in  Dock  Expl Cmd 
      Units Prts        Down  Cost  Shttl Class Mode  No  Srvc Pts   Str  Rate 
DCC    46    12 184/144  1-6   1      2     3    D    -   175   9     20   10    UNV
DDM    16    6   72/112  1-6   0.5    1     4    D    -   172   6     12   5     ML, L
PLE    6     2    48      6    0.33   1     4    A    -   173   2     7    3     N, E, LA
PLA    6     2    57      6    0.33   1     4    A    -   175   2     7    3     N, E, A
IE     32    11   146    4-6   1.25   1     3    D    -   167   5     15   8     L
AMA    28    7    75     4-6   0.67   1+2   3    C    -   134   7     14   7 
CEN    28    7    90     4-6   0.67   1     3    C    -   158   7     15   7
HOP    28    7    79     4-6   0.67   1     3    C    -   134   7     15   7     L 
TCC    -     12    -     5-6   1      -     T    C    -   -     -     -    -     Tn 

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