Attuned Staff

A class option for sorcerers and wizards in 3.5e D&D

This is a class feature for wizards and sorcerers, to be taken in place of a familiar. It's designed to emulate a common fantasy trope (see Tolkein or Pratchett, for example) whereby a wizard relies on a staff for much of his power.
The design criteria were:


A wizard or sorcerer knows either how to call a familiar or attune a staff; this is decided at 1st level. The option can otherwise be taken as a feat, in the same way as a familiar.

You can have one attuned staff at a time, as and when required. This needs a masterwork staff (possibly magical), 24 hours and 100gp.
You can attune someone else's staff but it requires a level check (as though Dispel Magic) as part of the process. If this is failed, the 100gp is wasted; you can try again. If you succeed, the previous owner loses 200 xp per level as though it were broken (DC 15 Fort save).


By default, the staff gives the following benefits when you hold it: The staff can be enchanted as though a conventional wand, staff, quarterstaff or Wondrous Item.
You can add additional powers to your staff; some of these require a feat.


When holding the staff, you can use spontaneous metamagic, limited to (class level/2) level increases per day, using Heighten Spell or any metamagic feat or feats you know. This does not increase casting time, and uses the spell's normal slot.
You cannot cast a spell with effective level above your usual maximum (eg a 6th level sorcerer can't cast a Silent Fireball).


You can add charges to your attuned staff, which you can use for Striking Staff or to power any spell you can cast without preparation, up to its own level. Each charge is separate and costs as much to embed (in gp and xp) as it would to scribe a scroll of that spell level.
The staff can hold a total number of charges (of any levels) equal to your class level.

Staff Resilience

When you hold it, the staff gains 1 point of hardness and 1 hit point per class level. These added hit points are lost if you let go of the staff, whereupon it will break if its hp are reduced below zero.

Breakage of the staff

As though losing a familiar, you lose 100xp or 200xp per class level if the staff is broken. A broken staff is not re-attuned if it is repaired.
You can deliberately de-attune your staff. This takes 24 hours, and you lose only 100xp per class level (DC 15 Will save negates). The DC becomes 20 if you do not have the staff in your possession.
A staff cannot be de-attuned by [Greater] Dispel Magic, but can be by Mordenkainen's Disjunction.

Prestige Classes

Classes that do not grant familiar improvement do not improve the staff's resilience, metamagic slots or number of charges.
Sorcerer and wizard levels stack.


Feats let you gain more benefit from your staff. These can be taken in the reserved feat slots at every 5th Wizard level.

[No additional feat]

Prerequisite: Attune Staff class ability, Craft Magic Arms and Armour
Benefit: You can add plus-costed combat bonuses (eg +1, flaming, etc) to your attuned staff for one quarter of the normal cost. These bonuses are effective only when you wield the staff yourself.

Embed Staff Spell [Item Creation]

Prerequisite: Attune Staff class ability
Benefit: You can add any spells you know on your class spell list to your attuned staff with costs as though writing a scroll. The staff can hold up to one spell per class level. Only you can use these at all. They are treated as spell trigger items with one charge each.

Powered Staff

Prerequisite: Attune Staff class ability, 3rd level arcane caster
Benefit: Your attuned staff gives you double the amount of metamagic normally available, ie 1 spell level increment per class level per day. You can take this feat only once.

Sensing Staff

Prerequisite: Attune Staff class ability, 3rd level arcane caster
Benefit: You can Detect Magic at will by touching the item or creature in question with your attuned staff.

Warning Staff

Prerequisite: Attune Staff class ability, Sensing Staff
Benefit: When holding your attuned staff, you gain a +2 bonus to Spot and Listen checks and gain the Uncanny Dodge ability as though a rogue of your class level.

Defending Staff

Prerequisite: Attune Staff class ability, Warning Staff
Benefit: You may parry with your attuned staff, gaining a +2 Shield bonus to armour class. This doubles to +4 when fighting defensively, using Combat Expertise or using Full Defence.

Striking Staff

Prerequisite: Attune Staff class ability
Benefit: You may use your attuned staff to add power and accuracy to melee attacks in return for using up charges (as above) or spell slots. This is otherwise functionally identical to Arcane Strike (+1 to hit and +1d4 damage per level).

Staff of Petty Magic

Prerequisite: Attune Staff class ability, Sensing Staff, 9th level arcane caster
Benefit: When holding your attuned staff, you can cast any prepared (or known, if you don't prepare spells) cantrip at will without using any slots.

Staff of Knowledge [Item Creation]

Prerequisite: Attune Staff class ability
Benefit: You can treat your attuned staff as your spellbook. It is considered to have (your class level) squared pages. You embed spells in the staff as though writing in a Boccob's Blessed Book.
Nobody else can read spells from your attuned staff.

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