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Wanderer ships appear to have been essentially unchanged for thousands of years; being supremely adapted to their primary mining task, they had no need of improvement and Tribal traditions did not encourage refits. Only since Y150 has there been any requirement to upgrade them.

(RJD1.R1) PHASER REFIT: The Wanderers had always used a cheap fire control system for their phasers. Where space permitted, the accuracy of some phasers could be improved by installing the more precise control unit used by the Angular Momentum Converter.
Certain Phaser-2s (those marked on the SSD as Phaser-1) can be upgraded to Phaser-1 after Y150. This refit costs 1 per phaser and is denoted 'p' (eg CAp). Many ships didn't receive this refit until Y165, by which time it was standard. Cutters and Gigs cannot mount Phaser-1s, and they were never seen on Frigates.

(RJD1.R2) ACCELERATOR OVERLOAD REFIT: After Y159, Accelerators can be refitted to allow overloads (FRJD1.5). This was standard by Y166 except on non-combat cutters and gigs which never received it (having no batteries, they were unable to use it). The refit applies to all Accelerators on a ship.
It costs 3 per HNA, 2 per MNA and 1 per LNA. It is denoted 'v' (eg CApv).

(RJD1.R3) ACCELERATOR OVERHEAT REFIT: After Y174, most Accelerators were upgraded again to allow Overheating (FRJD1.6). This was standard by Y180 on all ships that could use it (ie, not non-combat cutters or gigs). The refit applies to all Accelerators on a ship. It requires the Overload refit first.
The cruiser classes also had the rear LNAs fitted with swivel mounts at the same time, improving their firing arcs to LPR and RPR. There was insufficient room to improve the arcs of the MNAs on the nose of the CA.
It costs 3 per HNA, 2 per MNA and 1 per LNA, plus 1 per rear LNA on a cruiser. It is denoted 'h' (eg CAph).

(RJD1.R4) POWER REFIT: Even the most stubborn Chieftains were finally forced to accept that they were increasingly outmatched by the faster ships of the 'younger' races. No longer could their vessels remain a compromise between commerce and combat. The PFs and X-ships were the final straw.
After Y180, NWO boxes on Wanderer ships may contain APR, AWR or Batteries. This costs 1 per box. All boxes in a group must be the same.

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