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A Wanderer tribe is not a mere fleet; it is an entire community more akin to a group of bases and their attendant ships. As such, they have different command limits to a conventional race.

Warning: Use some common sense here. You can end up with a most enormous fleet, though of course the BPV will get absurd. Treat an attack on a large Wanderer fleet as an assault on a starbase.
I'm open to suggestions for this.


(RJD1.F11) COMMAND RATINGS: Wanderer ships have command ratings listed in the MSC as do conventional ships.

(RJD1.F12) SC4 SHIPS: If the flagship is an asteroid, any SC4 ship in the fleet counts as half a ship for purposes of command limits.

(RJD1.F13) FREE SCOUT: The fleet may contain one free scout.

(RJD1.F14) ESCORTS: Wanderers do not follow conventional doctrine regarding carriers and escorts. One or more carriers may be present with or without any escorts, and vice versa.

(RJD1.F15) LEADER: The CA ( RJD1.14 ) is considered a Leader (S8.36) of CL-class ships.

(RJD1.F15) GIGS AND CUTTERS: Gigs and Cutters on asteroid ships do not count against command limits (similar to the Hydran fighter exemption). No more than 18 (total) gigs and cutters can be non-standard, non-cargo variants.


(RJD1.F21) SC2 SHIPS: Asteroid ships are exempt from the usual prohibition against a fleet containing multiple SC2 ships.

(RJD1.F22) MOVEMENT COST LIMITS: Wanderer asteroid ships are limited by movement cost category (MC 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3). In each category there may be up to two ships, of which no more than one may be a non-cargo, non-tender type. Any asteroid other than the largest may then be replaced with a smaller equivalent.

(RJD1.F23) CARGO SHIPS: Cargo asteroids are considered normal ships, not (S8.54) cargo ships. They cannot carry cutters or gigs other than standard or cargo variants.

Sample fleets:
The max (with a BPV pushing 5000):
EVE (flag, MC3, CR10), 12 cutters
ACO (MC2.5), 10 cutters
STH (MC2), 6 cutters, 30 fighters
FUJ (MC1.5), 6 cutters
2xERE (MC1.5, tender), 24 cutters (one is a substitute for an MC2 cargo slot)
ALA (MC1), 4 cutters
SV (free scout)
PFT, 6 cutters
(that's 30 fighters, 18 combat/leader/scout/PF/etc cutters, 44 other cutters)

DEN (flag, MC2, CR9)
FUJ (MC1.5)
COK (MC1.5 cargo)
VES (MC1 cargo)

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