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Wanderer ships of all types have conventional shields, which can be operated at normal or minimum levels as on any normal ship. There is no "Anti-Transporter Field".


Wanderer asteroid ships are extremely tough. This is reflected by a special "armour" rule, in no way related to conventional armour (D4.12). Wanderer "metal" ships do not have this armour.

(RJD1.1B1) NOT ON SSD: Wanderer Armour is not shown on the SSD.

(RJD1.1B2) EFFECT: When a Wanderer asteroid ship takes internal damage from any source, every fourth point of the damage is completely ignored, each volley being considered separately. The remaining damage is scored normally on the DAC.
For example, a Matterhorn takes 15 internal damage. 3 points are ignored, and 12 are marked on the SSD.

(RJD1.1B3) NON-DIRECTIONAL: Wanderer armour applies equally to damage from any direction regardless of the amount of damage.

(RJD1.1B4) UNAFFECTED: Wanderer armour cannot be destroyed by damage or by hit-&-run raids, is unaffected by the ship's being crippled, does not require power, cannot be repaired, reinforced or replaced by other systems and has no effect on Transporters.

(RJD1.1B5) SPECIAL CASES: Some asteroid ships (notably cargo ships) are not as robust and ignore less damage. This is detailed in the ship's own rule where applicable.


The warp engines of Wanderer asteroid ships are concealed deep inside the hull. This restricts their maneuverability, especially at low speeds where the engines can provide little torque. Wanderer "metal" ships do not suffer any of these restrictions.

(RJD1.1C1) NO WARP TACs: Asteroid ships cannot perform Warp Tactical Maneuvers. They can perform Impulse TACs and zero-energy turns as normal.

(RJD1.1C2) NO HET: Asteroid ships cannot perform High-Energy Turns and have no free breakdown bonus.

(RJD1.1C3) ACCELERATION LIMITS: An Asteroid ship can accelerate at up to 5 hexes per turn, or to double the current speed, whichever is greater.

(RJD1.1C4) DISENGAGEMENT: An Asteroid ship cannot drop its warp engines, so cannot disengage by sublight. It can disengage by acceleration but must spend two turns at the 'maximum practical speed' (C7.11) before it can disengage. See Asteroid Disengagement for an alternative method.

(RJD1.1C5) MOVEMENT IN REVERSE: An Asteroid ship cannot use warp power to move in reverse. It can use warp power for braking as usual, and can move in reverse using impulse power.


(RJD1.1D1) OPTIONS: pretty much as module F1, but can also have Flag Bridge. Cannot have Special Sensors. Can have APR, AWR or Btty after Y180.

(RJD1.1D2) OTHER VARIANTS: No Asteroid ships carried special sensors. It was deemed more efficient to mount scout systems aboard metal ships which could be deployed more rapidly to lookout points without compromising the caravan's prospecting abilities.


(RJD1.1E1) [Adjustment to module F1 (R16.1D5)], A Wanderer Asteroid ship can generate APR power from its impulse engines to avoid revealing itself, though each impulse box generates only half a point of power in this mode. If it generates any impulse power (even if it isn't used) the ship is exposed.


(RJD1.1F1) INCREASED LIMIT: An asteroid ships can use CDR to repair a number of boxes equal to 5 times its Damage Control rating during a scenario. This reflects the large numbers of civilians (not included in the crew units) trained in maintenance, repair and emergency response, as well as the fact that Wanderer ships cannot return to a shipyard and must be largely self-sufficient.

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